Bay of Islands
Jan 23

The Bay Of Islands, also known as the birth place of New Zealand, was somewhere I’d been wanting to visit for years. We stayed in Paihia and by the time I’d gotten round to making these plans last September, a lot of the accommodation in both Paihia and Russel was solidly booked out, so…  Read

Jan 21

Wild. A book I sped through. It was soulfull, thrilling and triumphant. I loved it. I lent it to a friend. My friend questioned her right to complain over such a matter as her mother dying, and validity of her suffering consequently which led to her embarking on a solo hike. At the time I was…  Read

Two Days in Copenhagen
Sep 29

I think you can generally pick out your favourite things about a city within the first hour of being there, granted you are outside the airport within that time. For me and Copenhagen it was the bakeries and the people. Later on I also added the public toilets to this list. Yum! I didn’t even…  Read

...and get screwed over by the Fringe festival box office! Never book online ahead of time if you’re heading to the fringe. And never give your money to a bunch of wankers like the Fringe festival organisers. The free shows are among some of the best entertainment you’ll see anyway. Being a…  Read

A healthy change!
Jul 25

The Heathrow injection, it ain't no joke. Since arriving here a mere 9 months ago I have certainly noticed my weight gain! At first it wasn’t such a huge concern and I figured things would settle down after I got into a routine and found a flat. But the thing about moving to a new city is, you…  Read

Best Reads 2013
Feb 25

Even though it’s already two months into the new year, I’ve been inspired to write about my favourite reads of 2013. Since seeing my sister’s ardent year to year record keeping of read books, I started my own little list. Each year I managed to read a pitiful 13 to 15 books at the most. The…  Read

Borough Market
Feb 25

One of the things I'm going to miss the most about working in this area of London, is walking down to Borough markets every Friday with my colleagues. The first day they took me there, I just walked around following my nose from stall to stall. The air was so rich with different aromas and…  Read

Free London activities are awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a city with so much readily available entertainment free of charge. From the museums and galleries to the plethora of parks and monuments. The discovery of the free comedy shows began with my move to East London, near…  Read

Skating Escapades
Feb 22

My flatmate has a real fondness for skating. A couple of weeks ago he convinced me to go along with him to an ice skating rink in East London where we spent a few hours amount several other enthusiasts and beginners. I hadn't ice skated in a while and hesitantly stepped onto the ice making sure to…  Read

Blind Tiger's The Little Mermaid
Feb 06

A little while ago I saw tickets for The Little Mermaid production on Groupon (One of the better Groupon experiences I've had). I bought a couple not knowing much about it and then I found out it was all the way in Hammersmith. So I gave the tickets to my flatmate for Christmas! But on the day of…  Read