Top ten in the world for sustainable development

The quality 和 scale of our impact against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is ranked among the top ten in the world in the 泰晤士高等教育 影响大学排名 in 2022.

The 17 SDGs are the world’s call to action on the most pressing challenges 和 opportunities facing humanity 和 natural world, 和 we’re playing a leading role in tackling them.

As one of the world’s leading research institutions 和 UK’s only university to have social responsibility as a core goal, 500彩票网官方 is playing a leading role in tackling the SDGs in four ways – through our research, 学习和学生, public engagement activities 和 responsible campus operations. Our 2021/22 SDG report outlines how are tackling the SDGs (PDF, 11.2MB).


500彩票网官方 Sustainable Development Goals 2021/22 report video transcript


Leading a £32 million African Cities 500彩票网官方 Consortium to work for urban progress.


We provided 6,000+ meal to homeless people through our Students' Union.


Our students deliver essential healthcare to local communities through the Humanising Healthcare Initiative. 


1,300 staff 和 alumni contribute to leadership in state education through our School Governor Initiative.


We hold 15 chartermarks for gender equality.


Tackling microplastic pollution in UK rivers through research 和 lobbying for better regulation.


More than 600 academics addressing sustainable 能源 challenges.



SDG 9: Industry, innovation 和 infrastructure

曼彻斯特 Innovation Factory is creating 15+ new spin-out companies each year.


300+ Global South students funded through our Equity 和 Merit programme.

SDG 11: Sustainable cities 和 communities

Platinum accreditation for progress on low-carbon travel.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption 和 production

Our students created a zero-waste shop on campus. 


Committed to 曼彻斯特's 2038 zero carbon target.


Eliminating avoidable single-use plastic by 2022. 



SDG 16: Peace, justice 和 strong institutions

Working with communities affected by conflict to create positive change.


Engaging with policymakers 和 public.


We are helping tackle the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 


500彩票官网正在实现联合国可持续发展目标 creating a healthier, fairer 和 greener world, through our research, collaborations 和 partnerships.

500彩票官网贡献了21,571 research publications across all 17 SDGs over the past five years – representing 4% of the UK’s research on the goals. 500彩票官网五个 500彩票网官方灯塔 ——先进材料, 生物技术, 癌症, 能源, 和 global inequalities – are examples of our pioneering work tackling the world’s biggest challenges.


We’re committed to empowering students with the knowledge, skills 和 opportunities to underst和 和 address all of the SDGs. 500彩票官网是这样做的:


500彩票官网拥有享有盛誉的 黄金水印 for public engagement 和 aim to involve 和 inspire local 和 global communities with the SDGs. A key way that we achieve this is through work at our pioneering cultural institutions – 曼彻斯特博物馆, 惠氏的, Jodrell银行探索中心John Ryl和s 500彩票网官方 Institute 和 Library.


As one of our region’s largest anchor institutions we’re addressing the SDGs through our campus operations, 政策和流程. 500彩票官网是一个 生活工资 accredited employer, a top ranking institution for LGBT-inclusivity,保持 质量标志 for gender, disability 和 racial equality, enact responsible methods of 采购 和 投资 并且做了一个 承诺零碳排放 与曼彻斯特2038年的进球一致.