I think every person in Berlin has woken up each day this week looking out the window in hope of seeing a melted yard. The winter has well and truly overstayed its welcome this year. The snow which was once novel and festive is now just a pain!
The cruel weather teased us with 3 days of blissfully warm sunshine and then the temperatures slipped incredibly back down to the minus degrees.

The snow has been falling constantly for the last week. The footpaths are in a perpetual state of remodelling, as the snow fall builds up, is sprinkled with gravel, melts and is swept away, only to be built up again by a heavy fall later in the day.
As I sit in the office I am an audience to a variety of snow dances outside the window; thick and fast flakes that jive together, tiny granules jittering, and snow that cha-cha's horizontally across the window.

Everyone is fed up. It is supposed to be spring, temperatures of at least 10 degrees preparing us for the coming months. Instead we are still wrapping our necks in our scarves and donning our hoods as we walk outside, sloshing our way through the streets. Everyone is harking back to ‘this time last year’. This time last year I was preparing for a trip to Rome for Easter. The weather in Berlin was mild enough that I could go outside in a dress and a cardigan and the days were light.

It is hard to maintain sanguine expectations when it feels like the winter of this year will never end, the snow will never melt, the temperature will never rise. But then there are moments like the one just now when the sun broke through the greyness and sent a few warming rays through the window. My arms were tickled by natural heat as I typed at the keyboard and the bright light illuminated the snowflakes outside the window. It looked like a heap of glitter had been tossed off the roof and was carousing frenziedly in the air. For a few moments at least, it made us smile.

Just one more week. One more weekend of minus 10 degrees. The sun is near.

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