If you are in Germany today you will have no doubt been greeted or fare welled with an exuberant “Guten Rutsch” This translated literally is “Good Slide”. In Germany, new years eve is viewed metaphorically as a slide into the new year. So instead of the boring old ‘Happy new year’ we…  Read

First snow & A poem for the weekend
Dec 07

Yesterday we had the first snow in Berlin. It was also St Nicholas tag which is traditionally celebrated on the 6th of December in Germany, by putting small gifts inside the boots of your loved ones over night. St Nicholas was said to deliver these gifts to well behaved children who had cleaned…  Read

The elusive custard square and a poem for the weekend
Nov 23

About three weeks ago now we moved into our new apartment. After the heavy loading job we took a walk through the neighbourhood in search of coffee. We walked into a little bakery a few streets down and my eyes were immediately drawn to what looked like Custard squares behind the glass partition!…  Read

It was really nice to have an extra day off this weekend. I managed to go for a run for the first time in a few weeks. I went around the big park close by to us and although it was freezing cold outside I soon warmed up, especially when I forced myself to run up a steep hill in order to keep up…  Read

One of my best memories of ESL teaching in South Korea was from my second job as an after school English teacher. I taught five classes from 1pm till 5pm. I started with the youngest and lowest level and progressed up to the oldest, and highest level students at the end of the day. One of my…  Read

We all have To Do lists, things we must do. I actually really like having lists and ticking things off. Especially if it is a list including things like: Get copy of degree notarised... ...and apostilled attain copy of criminal record check send all documentation to embassy. I have worked away at a…  Read

Gym vanity
Sep 25

I wear make up to the gym. Not intentionally. I don’t stay an extra twenty minutes after work applying my make up in anticipation of the flirty little half English half German conversation with the guy behind the check in counter. Ok truthfully it’s more like 90% English 10% German. As cute as…  Read

What is this? Well hopefully this will clarify things for anyone moving to Germany who isn’t already aware. The first time I heard this acronym was when a friend was telling me about her apartment hunting experience. She had been searching on a website and came across what seemed to be the…  Read

I recently read a thread on the Couchsurfing Berlin website where someone was suggesting a flash mob of kindness. The girl suggested that fellow couch surfers when in the subway, put a reassuring hand on a strangers shoulder. There was uproar of objection to this proposal which I understood and…  Read

Autumn has arrived in Berlin. After a pretty non existant summer, people are back in their coats and scarves. I know people are really disappointed and feeling pretty ripped off by the couple of weeks of genuine summer days we got but I for one am really excited to see the weather transitioning. I…  Read