There are so many reasons to smile today. This whole week in fact has promoted a healthy, jubilant attitude in everyone I have encountered. The sun's magnanimous reappearance seems to have truly melted everyone’s winter blues. The atmosphere is light and pleasant and you can really feel that a sad weight has disappeared from the streets, the city, and the office.

Even the sight of the brown buildings from my office window seems less depressing through the open windows with a light breeze blowing in.
The weather is still mild enough to warrant a light jacket, but warm enough to spend lunch breaks outside in the park or walking along the river.
Café’s have opened their doors and the streets are lined with tables full of chatty customers sitting in the shade ordering those iced beverages that have been avoided for the last five months.

I spent lunch time sitting on the steps by the river and then lay on the grass with a view of the Fernsehturm and the Berliner Dom in the distance, poking out above the old buildings lining the riverside. It’s pretty fantastic being able to spend my lunch hour in the gorgeous heat with the view of these iconic buildings in the distance.

And in other news, New Zealand became the 13th nation to legalize gay marriage yesterday. This decision was instantly met by a chorus of applause and cheering in Parliament and closely followed by a Waiata – Pokarekare Ana. It was a pretty special milestone to witness through the various Youtube videos available. One of the best pieces filmed from the day was a speech by Maurice Williamson in which he caustically responded to the absurd comments he had received from opposers of the bill. Watch it, it’s brilliant.

This is a huge step forward for a small nation, and for the world. Hopefully the dalliers will catch up now. I'm looking at you Australia.

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