The weather at the beginning of last week was gorgeous in Berlin. Lunch times at work were perfect for walking along the canal and breathing the fresh air outside of the office. It was even warm enough one day that I went coatless for the first time in months. Then the greyness returned. By Saturday morning it was clear that our little teaser was in fact gone and on Sunday the snow was back inches thick along the footpath.

But I was pretty happy to look out onto a yard full of snow because it would probably be one of the last for the year and I still hadn’t made a Sniwi.
We trekked into the park nearby and picked a spot for the creation. The park was alive with families pulling sleds, couples walking dogs and kids throwing snowballs.

This would be the creation of Sniwi the sequel, after our first attempt last year in the remains of the snow. The first time the snow had been too fine and powdery for a shape to take form. It wasn’t much better on Sunday but we were determined.


The end result looked a lot like a cross between a chicken and a seal but damn it, it was a Kiwi. We added the beak and little wings and two beady little eyes.

We were in the middle of photographing our masterpiece when a little dog came bounding up. He started sniffing around curiously at the creature in the snow. We were a little worried that he was going to nudge too closely to the very fragile head of the kiwi. All of a sudden there was a lift of the leg and right before our eyes, our poor little Kiwi was debased! Then the little bugger ran away.

To top things off I dropped my camera in the snow and now my memory card is dead. We can't retrieve the pictures of Sniwi the 2nd. But all things considered, perhaps it's for the best.

We left our little sniwi sitting in the big park with a curiously coloured side. It will be interesting to go back there and see what other vandalism he has endured!

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