For about 7 or 8 months now, my boyfriend has been trying to master the perfect poached egg. Poached eggs are not at all common in Germany.

The first time I suggested this delicious treat for breakfast we had to google images of eggs Benedict so I could show him what I was trying to describe. He was unconvinced and probably said something like, ‘You crack an egg into boiling water?’ Really, that does sound like an odd thing to do. But as soon as that baby was cooked and on a piece of toast, he was hooked.

From then on it has been his mission to recreate this breakfast menu to perfection. The first few attempts were rather disastrous and met with some pretty suspicious stares from family members. For his birthday I had my mum bring over an egg poacher. This bizarre looking instrument resembles a ladle and is made of a flexible rubber material which can be placed directly in boiling water. Before using the new poacher we watched a video on You tube of someone using a similar mechanism and effortlessly creating the most perfectly formed poached eggs in just minutes. We felt confident that we could not possibly fail. But this too was unsuccessful. We were beginning to feel pretty foolish.

We tried ceaselessly varying the temperatures, and between a pan and a pot and the amounts of water. Some attempts were more successful than others but mostly it was just a lot of failed, messes.

Skip to my birthday morning and he walks in carrying a tray of poached eggs that were pretty close to perfect! Poached egg challenge complete.

Since then, we have not ventured back into poached egg territory but he is becoming quite the fried egg fanatic, and this cuisine still needs some fine tuning!

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