The place beyond the pines
Jun 17

I was interested to see Place beyond the pines, from the director of Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance. The stellar cast was enticing enough, Ryan Gosling who seems to be in everything recently, Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper and the two younger budding actors Dane DeHaan and Emory Cohen. Spoiler Alert:…  Read

Before Midnight
Jun 11

It was 2007 and there was a sale on at Soundz, a terrible music chain in New Zealand and the competition for the music shop that I worked in at the time. I was rifling through the DVD bin and still in the midst of my Ethan Hawke crush after watching Reality Bites. His name jumped out from a DVD…  Read

Mai Fest
May 15

The first of May is a day synonymous with rioting, violence, police baracades, water canons, broken bottles, subways packed full of drunkards, stone throwing, oh the list could go on. But it is also a day full of fun, street concerts, street food, dancing, drinking in parks, meeting friends and…  Read

Around the neighbourhood
May 07

I just wanted to share a few snaps of the neighbourhood I took during my walk to work the other morning. The streets are so colourful now. It's sad to think that in the next few weeks these pretty pink petals will be littering the roads.  Read

There are so many reasons to smile today. This whole week in fact has promoted a healthy, jubilant attitude in everyone I have encountered. The sun's magnanimous reappearance seems to have truly melted everyone’s winter blues. The atmosphere is light and pleasant and you can really feel that a…  Read

I tried something new last night. I had wanted to experiment for ages and try my own version of veggie patties. Last night, after a lot of procrastinating and what felt like "cookers block", I finally started chopping an onion. Once I got started I just kept adding things, but it was so difficult…  Read

A white Easter
Mar 29

The snow continues here in Europe. It’s Easter weekend and Berlin is deserted, everywhere except the Edeka in the Friedrichstrasse station where people are lined up outside the entrance waiting to get in. I spent the day in the outer suburbs of Berlin in complete bliss. I was warm inside watching…  Read

I think every person in Berlin has woken up each day this week looking out the window in hope of seeing a melted yard. The winter has well and truly overstayed its welcome this year. The snow which was once novel and festive is now just a pain! The cruel weather teased us with 3 days of blissfully…  Read

Sundance film shorts at Mindpirates
Mar 14

Last night I attended a screening of the Sundance film festival shorts organised by Mind Pirates in their cozy projector room. It was an interesting experience. There were to be two screenings due to the popularity created by the Facebook event. A screening at 7pm and a second screening at 9.15…  Read

The snow Kiwi lives
Mar 12

The weather at the beginning of last week was gorgeous in Berlin. Lunch times at work were perfect for walking along the canal and breathing the fresh air outside of the office. It was even warm enough one day that I went coatless for the first time in months. Then the greyness returned. By…  Read