So far there hasn’t been as much of the 'Wri' as the 'No'. The No being: utterly No time, No energy and No motivation to WRIte. It is a lot harder than I expected to allocate time each day to dedicate to this novel.

Looking back at my NaNo Doubto post where I had so optimistically calculated my pages per day, makes me cringe! So far I am failing miserably. And because I have admitted that now, can I stop? No more pressure now right?

My lovely boyfriend who does all of the web design and layout and clever stuff that I don’t understand for this site, informed me last night that he had added a ‘word count’ for my NaNoWriMo challenge to the home page, so that everyone can see my progress!

I made the mistake of forwarding him the initial NaNoWriMo email which included the following paragraph:

Make sure your family, friends, neighbours, pets, the nice check-out lady at the store, and your mail delivery person, all know that you are writing a novel this month. Not only will they ask you about it when they see you (helpfully holding you accountable to your awesome creative goal), they'll understand why your hair is standing on end and you're vibrating from some combination of overcaffeination, lack of sleep, and creative euphoria. (Just kidding. Your hair will look great!)

He has definitely taken the ‘holding you accountable to your awesome creative goal’ part literally.

November is not a good month for me, I wish it was taking place in a deathly cold month like January when I would relish the excuse to stay inside all day in layers of clothes drinking mugs of hot coffee writing away.

Admittedly I could have skipped seeing Skyfall last night at the cinema, that didn’t finish until 11.30 seeing me get home at 12.30.
I am going to Band of horses tonight and I have to work until 8pm tomorrow night!

These excuses will not stop me. I am going to make use of any spare time I have and get that word count up! So expect to see the number change from a pitiful 4000 to a whopping 18000 by the next time you look, or at least to 8000.

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