Almost the weekend but not quite for me, unfortunately I have to work tomorrow. But only six hours which is much better than the 8 I thought I had to do. I plan to spend most of my time writing my novel and improving my measly word count.

But more importantly tonight I am going to tick off one of my ‘A Listers’: drink a bloody Mary in a fancy bar. I discovered a Martini bar right near where we have just moved in and it looks really nice, a bit pricey though!

Also on the agenda is a trip to Ikea. We have survived our first week in the sparsely furnished apartment but we are a bit tired of eating off our laps. So we are on a mission to find a table and some chairs so we will no longer be walking around the apartment with toast in our mouths. We have managed so far with blankets on coat hangers for curtains in our bedroom. They do a really good job of completely darkening the room which is such a delicious feeling. My old room was flooded by the light of the other apartments in the complex which made it quite hard to get to sleep.

I’m looking forward to actually spending some time in the apartment on Sunday. I feel like I haven’t been home all week. And I’m going to meet my fellow NaNoWriMo suffering friend and hopefully we can boost each other up.

Here’s a poem for the weekend. This is one of my favourite poems. I discovered this when I was about 14 and I was given a book of New Zealand poetry for my birthday. It reminds me of my sister.

Wild Daisies

by Bub Bridger (Ngati Kahungunu),
"Up Here on the Hill", Mallinson Rendel, Wellington, 1989

If you love me
Bring me flowers
Wild daisies
Clutched in your fist
Like a torch
No orchids or roses
Or carnations
No florist's bow
Just daisies
Steal them
Risk your life for them
Up the sharp hills
In the teeth of the wind
If you love me
Bring me daisies
That I will cram
In a bright vase
And marvel at

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