Ah what a lovely Friday. It’s my Friday off work and so far it’s been wonderful.

I did a bit of cleaning and then decided to tick another of the cafes in the area off my list. I went down the road to Espresso room. It was really lovely inside, with a very homely atmosphere and old fashioned music playing. I think it will become one my favourite new places to write. I did a little bit of observation writing and actually did quite a bit of work on my novel.

On my way home I picked up some groceries from the supermarket. I was talking with some friends last night about the delightful surprise I always get when I hear the tally at the checkout. It’s amazing to compare the amount of items and the price of supermarket shopping in Germany to New Zealand. Today I bought some vegetables, fruit, chocolate, yoghurt, and bread and it came to just 10 Euro. In New Zealand that same selection would come to at least $30.00

I just received a fantastic surprise on my blog. Phillipa Moore from Skinny Latte strikes back commented on one of my posts telling me I am the winner of the book Pear shaped by Stella Newman. I very rarely enter competitions and I think the last time I won something was in seventh form at school. I won a gift basket through a raffle ticket I had bought as part of the fund raising we were doing for our trip to Vietnam.

Phillipa’s blog is one of the nicest things on the internet. She is so positive and inspirational and all of her posts are uplifting. It is always a treat to read if I am having a dreary day. I recommend checking out her blog. She has a lot of easy, healthy recipes and she has a recent addition called Book ends – a series of podcasts where she interviews authors.

Thank you Phillipa!

And here is a poem for the weekend. One of my all time favourites!
Enjoy your weekend!

Big Houses
John Newton

I will put you in a big house
on a great estate
at the fresh end of summer

I will put you in a blue
dress, I will trick
you out in dazzling colour.

How else can I make you stay?
And you are always disappearing
anyway. So:

I will put you on a red horse
with a white blaze
with a heart like a haybarn

Pacing down the stopbank in a
downpour of cotton seed, scarlet
geranium/purple iceplant

All this glamorous
scenery riding up to meet you.
While you in the same breath ride

Free of it. That is, you
have other ideas: you are always
somewhere, being you.

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