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London Seoul

Ein jahr in Berlin! Yes it has officially been one year since I moved myself and my three bags up here to start my new job. It has been quite a year indeed! I remember when I first got my job and I was still living in Cologne finishing my language course. I really didn’t want to leave and I was…  Read

If you have longer than just a few days to spend in Berlin then you will want to take in some of the more ‘alternative’ sites. Assuming in the first few days you have taken care of the big 5: Brandenburger Tor, Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust memorial, Fernsehturm, Reichstag and at least 1 or 2…  Read

Urban exploration: Bärenquell
Oct 01

So on the weekend I ticked off another abandoned site. A few friends and I went to Bärenquell Brewerei which is situated in the East of Berlin at Schöneweide. It closed in 1994 and it appears as though it was operating one day and just left for dead the next. As far as getting in, it was a…  Read

Visiting Berlin should never be a rushed job. But unfortunately travel itineraries often dictate that only 2 or 3 days can be given to this sprawling city. So for those of you who want to get the basics in one fell swoop here is my recommendation: A lot of people will jump straight on one of the…  Read

I first heard about Gentrification when I was on a walking tour of Berlin last year. We were outside ‘Tacheles’ which was originally a department store then a Nazi prison and later taken over by artists. Our guide started to talk about the area being taken over by this phenomenon. I started to…  Read

Back when I was a teenager there was this show on NZ TV called Havoc and Newsboy. Two reasonably well known New Zealand personalities that I liked mostly for their documentation of the Big day out - a one day music festival that no longer runs in New Zealand. One season they did a special feature…  Read