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Ever since taking Fiction 101 at University I had been anxious to get to Dresden. It was old Billy Mann in Slaughter house five who laid the foundations for my curiosity. When I moved to Germany it was right up on my list of destinations. I finally got my chance when I moved to Berlin as it’s…  Read

Travel log: Budapest
Oct 30

I spent the last weekend in Budapest with my old high school friend Michelle. We met at arrivals and we exchanged our money for Hungarian Florints then followed the directions I'd printed out to get to our Hostel. Once arriving there we were not able to actually get in as the keypad to enter the…  Read

I’m off to Budapest for the weekend. I am very ready for a little break, it has been a long few weeks at work and I just need to get away from it all. I will be meeting an old high school friend and spending the next couple of days eating, walking around, drinking and clubbing. We haven’t seen…  Read

We made the mistake again of taking an early morning flight to get to the new city “Fresh and ready to explore”... why oh why did we not remember last time, flying into Barcelona exhausted while my friend tried to show us around and we slothed our way along the pavements thinking only of bed!…  Read