Feb 03

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was interested in visitng Oxford initially after the allusion to Jay being an “Oxford Man” In the Great Gatsby. Clearly this title meant something of importance, that coupled with the Oxford English dictionaries spurred my interest in the self proclaimed…  Read

Jan 24

One of the best aspects of working holidays is being able to draw out the tourist experience when it suits me. I love exploring new cities but weekend visits always make me feel a bit anxious because I know that I will have to narrow down the list of everything that I want to see. I felt that way…  Read

Literary Travel
Jan 23

I realised recently that a few of my travels in the past few years have inadvertently taken on a literary theme and seen me visit some locations of my favourite characters and books. Some of the best: As I was travelling around Dresden in 2011 I was thinking about Slaughterhouse five and Billy…  Read

One of my favourite things to do is find a nice little cafe, order coffee and sit and read a good book. For me this is a blissful way to spend a couple of hours, provided the cafe meets my strict requirements. Obviously it shouldn't be a bustling place and preferably not a chain, like Starbucks or…  Read

Arriving back in Berlin was a really emotional experience. I felt so protective of it when I heard tourists talking about it on the plane and when we landed I just wanted to get through security as quickly as possible to jump on the fast train and get to Alexanderplatz. It’s such a nice feeling…  Read

The choice to move to London wasn’t made lightly. I had a hard time coming to terms with leaving my beloved Berlin. The weeks leading up to my departure didn’t feel very final. Disclaimer: I found this entry that I'd written in my first week in London. That was just over three weeks ago now and…  Read

It’s a sad fact of life there are people out there who will try to take advantage of you. Being a tourist makes you an especially vulnerable target for many things. It is not always obvious when travelling if something that is happening is out of the ordinary and should be observed with caution…  Read

A little London trip
Jun 14

I recently spent a weekend in London. It was a wonderful 4 day weekend. Instead of a usual travel log, I wanted to make a list of the best and the worst parts of the experiences we had in London. On the lower end of the scale, I’d have to begin by saying that we opted to go to London during one…  Read

I’m sorry to rub it in for you kids on the other side of the globe, but here in Berlin we just had one of those perfect summer weekends. It’s still a little unpredictable in Europe but it’s safe to assume you can leave the house in the morning without stockings under your dress. I actually…  Read

Three districts in one day
May 06

Do you have Crowded house in your head after reading the title? On Saturday evening we headed towards Neukölln in the south east of Berlin. This area is one that I sadly haven’t had a lot of experience with and in fact much of the time I hear expats talk about the district as though it is so far…  Read