Snow prep
Dec 10

I was here last December and it was nothing like it is this December. Last year it was certainly cold at this time but there was no chance of snow, no hint of it at all. This year it is well and truly here. It snows all day. I sit in the office and watch as the flakes change consistency, speed and…  Read

After my initial two months of intensive German courses in Freiburg and Cologne I moved to Berlin for my full time job and found it increasingly difficult to schedule time for continuing my German education. After making a lot of excuses for far too long a colleague and I finally convinced each…  Read

Learning Korean was comparatively harder than learning German, the first blaringly obvious reason being that I had to learn a new alphabet system in order to learn Korean. For the first month or so I tried to guess which characters were responsible for the various sounds but without proper tutelage…  Read

My arrival in Cologne was slightly less frightening than my Freiburg arrival. I knew someone in Köln already and we had planned to meet that evening. I also had two semi friends, who were friends of my ex boyfriend’s that I had spent quite a bit of time with in Auckland. I was greeted at my new…  Read

A run down on ESL summer camps
Oct 23

Summer camps are a wonderful way to experience another country without committing to a yearlong contract. For anyone who is doubtful about their ability to last one year in an unknown country, I strongly recommend searching out either a summer or a winter camp in your chosen country. There are so…  Read

One of the hardest parts about the German language learning so far has been to just accept that it ‘is’ and not question ‘Why, oh God, why?’ Perhaps more frustrating than accepting a language for what it is, is learning said language based on grammar rules that I never even learned about my…  Read

First day of school: Freiburg
Oct 11

I was buzzed into the building and expected to walk into an establishment similar to the one I had spent 9 months working at in Auckland, with a reception and receptionist, an introductory test and an orientation of the school. Well I was wrong. I walked in and an older woman greeted me in German…  Read

Ok it wasn’t as dire as you may think but it was not a fun month. I had cried, negotiated and begged my way out of the contract at my first school and I was finally free after 3 and half months of hell. The catch was I had to find a new job before a certain date or the directors of the school…  Read

When my boyfriend and I decided to move in together, I thought it would be as easy as 1 2 3 Schufa. But it turned out not to be. In saying that we were incredibly lucky in the end. So began the journey of trawling through the three most well known Apartment websites in Germany. At first I gave the…  Read

I had spent 18 months living in South Korea teaching English or being an English speaking clown faking an American accent to be understood. I didn’t want to just finish in Korea and return to my home so I planned to end it all with a big bang. I went to Dubai to visit my brother, then we embarked…  Read