Summer camps are a wonderful way to experience another country without committing to a yearlong contract. For anyone who is doubtful about their ability to last one year in an unknown country, I strongly recommend searching out either a summer or a winter camp in your chosen country. There are so many options available. I almost took a summer camp position in Turkey before choosing to return to Korea.


Generally working as a camp instructor will not give you the same benefits that you may have heard usually accompany ESL positions, at least not in Korea. For instance, they will not pay for your airfare to and from Korea, and they will not pay your health insurance the duration of your month of working.

But the great benefits include, free accommodation, a free lunch and in the hand salary on the last day of teaching: up to 3.1 Million Korean won depending on qualifications and experience.
The teaching schedule is great, starting at 9.30 and finishing at 4.30. Taking into account that the accommodation is within 10 minutes walking distance to the location of the summer camp, this really is a luxurious schedule.

If you are interested in trying this out for yourself have a look at Daves ESL Cafe for a wide selection of positions. I suggest beginning your search by about mid to late May when the organisations will begin advertising for summer camps. For winter camps they will start advertising around late October.

For Korea specific jobs you can also have a look at Work n Play.
These positions will still require you to go through the same lengthy visa application process as yearlong contract visa would.
This includes:

  • A notarised and apostilled copy of your degree
  • An apostilled copy of your criminal background check
  • Filled in Visa application form
  • Visa fee
  • A copy of your contract
  • A copy of your intended flight schedule

The following three documents are provided by the company once you have signed the contract:

  • Certificate of Business Registration Document regarding establishment of school /continuing education facility
  • Detailed camp schedule

Once you have organised all of these documents you will need to take them to the Korean consulate in your city. The processing of the visa will usually take about 1 week to complete.
Start organising these things as early as possible, especially the criminal background check. This can take up to three months for the Ministry of Justice to process and send.

Other than that, prepare for an awesome month of meeting great like minded teachers, inquisitive, bright young students and spending a summer month in an incredible country.

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